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Differences between Domain and Hosting and their Benefits on the Website

the difference between a domain and hosting on a website

Free domain and Hosting

Domain Meaning

Before you use a Top Level Domain , you must first know what a domain is. Domain is the name that is used as the identity of a web server or computer so that we can more easily access it.

Without this name, we must enter a series of numbers called IP addresses in the browser address field every time we enter a website or blog.

5 benefit of using a top-level domains

Bluehost domain
  1. The Most Professional WebA professional. website will gain the trust of visitors. Trust is meant that the information contained on the website appears to be completely trusted. Many professional websites use TLD domains such as Facebook, Amazon, Instagram and so on. Professional web does not use sub domains from wordpress or blogspot.
  2. Easy to Remember Web Address. Top Level Domain names are easy to remember because the domain is already widely known by many people, especially the COM domain. That way it's easier for other people to remember, especially if you have a unique domain name and a TLD domain. Try to compare which is easier to remember which is with Of course it's easier to remember the one.
  3. SEO Friendly. Websites that use TLD domains will get a high reputation in Search Engines. So that it can improve the quality of website Search Engine Optimization. That way a good website in SEO will get the best ranking in Google searches and it is very profitable because it will increase the number of visitors or visitors.
  4. Increase the Selling Price of a Web or Blog. A web address that uses a Top Level Domain domain will increase the selling price of a website, especially if the domain name has good quality in the eyes of SEO so that the website or blog has many visitors or visitors.
  5. Bringing Advertisers. A website that uses a TLD domain will look professional and have a good reputation in SEO so that many advertisers are interested in visiting through the website or blog.

Hosting understanding

Free domain hosting

Hosting or web hosting is a place to store all files and website data so that it can be accessed by everyone via the internet. The website files and data can be in the form of videos, images, emails, scripts, applications, and databases. Without hosting, of course you can't create a website. That's why, you need to rent a hosting first to create a website. It's like building a house. If you want to build a big house, the land area must be bigger, right? Just like a website, if you want to build one with high capacity and performance, you need hosting with large resources.

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5 Advantages of dedicated server hosting

 domain and hosting

  1. Saving Website Data. The main benefit of hosting is as a place for storing website files and data. You can manage this data so that it can be displayed on website pages. The bigger the website you want to build, the greater the hosting capacity you need.
  2. Creating a High-Performing Website. Hosting also has a role in making high-performance websites. Some quality hosting service providers usually offer excellent features to make the website stable and anti-slow.
  3. Protecting Websites from Hacker Attacks. Hosting is the main protector of website security. Because, if the hosting is weak, hackers can easily get into the system and take control of your website.
  4. Improve Website SEO. Actually hosting does not directly improve the SEO of your website. If the hosting quality is good, of course, the website can be fast, safe, and stable. In fact, a slow website is one of the main causes of high visitors leaving the website (bounce rate).
  5. Not related to regulations. Usually, if you don't use your own or paid hosting, most websites are blocked because of the rules they violate. For example, blogspot, if you use hosting from blogspot, you must obey the rules from their side. If not, then your website can be blocked and you have to start creating a website from scratch again. That's the importance of using your own hosting.

Differences between Domain and Hosting

Domain hosting free

If the domain is the home address, then hosting can be described as the land where you build your house and the website is your home. If you only subscribe to a domain name, you seem to have an address without a home. Well, if you use free hosting from blogspot, it's like you live in someone else's house, who must follow the rules of the owner of the house. If you use your own or paid hosting, it means you have your own house, and the rules are also your own, so you are free to do whatever you want without having to have rules.

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